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The Freedom Riders currently have over 80 members.

We are members of the Ontario Road Riders Association and Action Sudbury.

The Aims and Objectives of the Freedom Riders are:

  1. To foster and develop improved community understanding and awareness of motorcycles and operators by actively supporting charities by providing services and/or monies, and by instigating motorcycle safety through public awareness programs.

  2. To foster and promote motorcycle safety and responsible riding practices in the motorcycle community

  3. To promote and develop friendship and understanding among all motorcyclists.

  4. To promote legislation affecting motorcycles generally and to oppose or support, as the case may be any contemplated legislation by provincial, municipal or other authorities in so far as same may affect the motorcycle community.

  5. To endeavour to achieve a closer relationship and better understanding between motorcycle owners/operators and law enforcement officers with a goal to identifying and solving problems of mutual concern.